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The contemporary classical music composer, concert organist, and pianist.

»...Magle's music-making is highly creative, sometimes visionary«

- MusicWeb International

»...Frederik Magle does not write music for the sake of music. It is not a display of different composition techniques and attitudes. Instead he wants to express something, tell a story, and he uses his technique to create atmospheres and make an impact.«

- Svend Erik Sørensen, Fyens Stiftidende

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A few examples of contemporary classical music by Frederik Magle:

  • "Nuit mélodique" (2016) with Yosra Zekri
    and The Danish National Chamber Orchestra:


  • Finale: "Carillon – Lacrymae mundi" (2009) from the symphonic suite "Cantabile":


  • "Motet" from All Hallows Mass (Allehelgen-Messe) for mezzo-soprano, violoncello, and organ (2011):


  • "The Hope", Part 1 (2001) for brass band, organ & percussion – commemorating the battle of Copenhagen ("The Hope" is published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen):


  • »...dramatic window-rattlers alternating with pieces that are serenely uplifting or contemplative and others again that are mischievously eccentric or playful. To complement this there is also a steady flow of ideas, expertly implemented (...) At no point in the two hours is the listener's attention given cause to flag; yet the music is often so emotionally intense that, between discs, a cup of tea at the very least is advisable«

    - MusicWeb International

    »...Intimacy and not least finish was found in the organ genius Frederik Magle's All Hallows Mass«

    - Poul Lund, Bornholms Tidende

    »...organ virtuoso«

    - SNYK Contemporary Music


  • "End of the Circle" for organ (2009) – a free improvisation from the album Like a Flame:


  • "Lament" for organ (2009) – from the album Like a Flame (Limited period: Sheet music available for free):


  • Denne hjemmeside på dansk (Site in Danish)
    フレデリック・メーグル (Japanese)

    A message from Frederik Magle:


    I am from time to time asked what kind of music I compose, either by people unfamiliar with it or by people who have heard some of my music but can't quite classify it. I always find myself unable to fully answer that question.

    My foundation is unarguably the "classical music" of the western tradition and a majority of my compositions are listed as contemporary classical music, but that can mean many things. To me it simply means composing new (contemporary) music utilizing a measure of traditional (classical) techniques and methods. One such technique is writing scores for others to play, though not all classical music have to be written down; improvisations, for example, do not.

    Regardless of how to classify or name it, all I really can say is that I compose - and play - the kind of music I myself like to hear without worries about genre, and I invite you to explore it here, letting the music speak for itself.

    Feel free to contact me directly or through the music forums with any questions, comments, thoughts, and ideas you may have.«

    Kind regards,

    Frederik Magle signature

    Frederik Magle conducting

    Frederik Magle conducting in the Copenhagen Concert Hall, September 10, 2011


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  • Many free music downloads are available in Apple Lossless, FLAC and uncompressed WAV formats for very high quality sound.

  • An in depth article about the pipe organ in Jørlunde church which has a tonal design by Frederik Magle.

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    Like a Flame

    »...this is a double CD that no fan of original organ music should be without.«

      - MusicWeb International

    »...conjures up a strange, sick, fascinating, and ghostly universe«

      - Prof. Christian Præstholm

    »Highly recommended!« - Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

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    Free high quality MP3 download of Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-minor performed live by Frederik Magle on the world famous pipe organ in Riga Cathedral.

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